Eng. Ahmed El Gammal
Chairman, Tam Group of Companies

Ahmed El Gammal began his career upon receiving his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas  A&M University in 1960. After a decade of working in the oilfield as an engineer, he founded Tam Oilfield  Services, one of the country's first private companies, and the first private oil sector interest, following  years of economic nationalization. Under his leadership, Tam established itself both as a leading Egyptian  company, and major player in the country's oil and gas sectors. Through his acumen and foresight, Tam  has grown into a diverse corporation with companies in the water desalination, consultancy and  landscaping fields. Mr. El Gammal is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce Egypt, and The  Society of Petroleum Engineers. aeg@tamoilfield.com  

Eng. Saiid El Derini 
President and Senior Partner, Tam Oilfield Services

Saiid El Derini entered the oilfield industry after receiving his BSC degree in chemistry for the American  University in Cairo in 1966. He worked in the sector as a materials engineer and supervisor for the Pan  American Oil Company and the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company. Mr. El Derini joined Tam Oilfield  Services as a sales engineer in 1974 and became Partner and Managing Director in 1984. Through his  professional accomplishments, Mr. El Derini has made significant and contributions to the development of  Egypt's national resource sector. He is an active and respected member of The Society of Petroleum  Engineers, the Society of Mining Engineers, the Institute of Petroleum, the American Society of Metals  International, The Society of Corrosion Engineers, the American Chamber of Commerce Egypt and The  Petroleum Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce. saiidtam@tedata.net.eg

Dr. Hisham Fahmy
Managing Director and Partner, Tam Oilfield Services

Hisham Fahmy has over thirty years of experience in the oilfield industry. After receiving his PhD in  Chemistry from the University College in London, he worked as a field chemist and district manager for  several international oilfield chemical companies before joining Tam Oilfield Services as Partner and  Managing Director in 1982. Dr. Fahmy's extensive experience is matched only by his reputation in the  market as a leading oilfield executive. He is a respected member of The Society of Petroleum Engineers,  The Society of Mining Engineers, The Institute of Petroleum, the American Society of Metals International,  The Society of Corrosion Engineers and The American Chamber of Commerce Egypt.  h.fahmy@tedata.net.eg

Mr.Tarek El Gammal
Partner, Tam Oilfield Services
Managing Director, Tam Environmental Services

Tarek El Gammal joined Tam Oilfield Services as Account Manager in 1997, and was promoted to  Administrative Director in 1999 and Managing Director in 2000. Mr. El Gammal has brought his significant  international management experience, garnered in the U.S., and sub-Saharan Africa, to bear on  successful financial and administrative restructuring initiatives within the company while acting as  Managing Director of Tam's fastest growing company, Tam Environmental Services. elgammal@tamoilfield.com

Eng. Ezz El Derini
Sales and Marketing Manager, Tam Oilfield Services

Ezz El Derini joined Tam Oilfield Services as of Sales and Marketing Manager in 2004. Mr. El Derini has  decades of international marketing and sales experience within the oil sectors of Canada and Egypt and is  heading the aggressive pursuit of opportunities in local and regional markets. e.elderini@tamoilfield.com

Eng. Saiid El Saiid,
Partner and General Manager, Tam Environmental Services

Saiid El Saiid has over 17 years of professional Engineering and Management experience in the  construction, pharmaceutical and Water Treatment Fields. He joined TES in 1999 and became General  Manager and Partner in 2001.saidsiad@tedata.net.eg

Eng. Mahmoud Shabaan
Sales and Marketing Manager, Tam Environmental Services

Mahmoud Shabaan joined Tam Environmental Services as Sales and Marketing Manager in 2003 and is a  member of Egyptian Water and Waste Water Association and The European Desalination Society. He  trained in Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Spain in water desalination, membrane technology and  water Treatment. mshaaban@tedata.net.eg  

Karim El Gammal 
Managing Director, Tam Turf

Karim El Gammal trained in Turf Grass Management at the world's leading research and development  center at Cornell University, U.S.A. He also received on-site training at Roland Farms in Renolds, Georgia,  a major U.S. supplier of turf grass, where he contributed to the management of over three thousand acres  turf grass. keg@tamoilfield.com   

Mrs. Shahinas Abdel Rassoul
Marketing Manager, Tam Turf

Dr. Hussein El Gammal
Managing Director, Tam Consultancy

Hussein El Gammal is a leading international development consultant with over 20 years of experience.  He has worked with governments and private sector organizations in over 12 countries throughout the  Middle East and Eastern Europe; international organizations such as the UNDP, ILO, World Bank, EU,  The Arab Fund for Development, The African Development Bank; and bilateral funding agencies including  Germany's KFW, the UK's DFID and Canada's CIDA. Dr. El Gammal is a leading international specialist in  the fields of job creation, human resource development and Micro, Small and Medium enterprise  development. He was the Managing Director of Egypt's Social Fund for Development for ten years before  founding Tam Consultancy in 2003. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and PhD. in Aeronautical  Engineering from Cairo University and Post Doctoral Degree from the University of Toulouse, France and  is a Visiting Professor at Hertfordshire University, UK. heg@tamoilfield.com  
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